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Be A Milk Rock Star!

Kicking off our Spring 2008 school semester, we launched this exciting contest as the centerpiece of the Milk Rocks program.
'Be A Milk Rock Star!' is an evergreen promotion where students can strut their stuff and have a chance at national media exposure, recording contracts, special performance opportunities and other exciting ways to showcase their talent.

Our first program to introduce this contest featured multi-platinum superstars, Rascal Flatts!

Here's how it worked: students registered at www.MilkRocks.com and downloaded instrumental tracks of their favorite Rascal Flatts songs so they could video themselves singing along karaoke-style. Then they uploaded videos of their performances, where other students voted online to select the top ten contestants. Rascal Flatts picked the grand prize winner -- Emily Noxon -- who had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of appearing LIVE on stage with the band in front of 20,000 screaming fans! And guess what? She knocked it out of the park! Check it out! For our second 'Be A Milk Rock Star' contest we featured best-selling band Plain White Ts. The winner, Alli Fahey, performed live with the band in Dallas on November 12, after hanging out backstage with the band her own VIP dressing room! Click here to watch her rock out!

And coming up for Winter/Spring 2009 -- platinum-selling teen idol Corbin Bleu will be our featured artist!

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Rock your Body! Incorporates the musical elements of Milk Rocks! with the sports, fitness and active lifestyles, utilizing Milk Rocks' existing music artist content to create a library of music fitness resources for kids on-line as well as to create an in-school live musical exercise event.

Rock N' Read combines school tours with music / author readings. Milk Rocks! recruits elementary, middle and/or high-school focused musical acts, (depending on which titles/authors you wish to promote) for a 10 city concert series. Publishing partner secures authors for the tour, creates a reading/literacy program that will be featured throughout the concert series.

Milk Cares: This ongoing program will center on contests, competitions and sweepstakes as well as grassroots activities suggested by local schools, parents and students. Some examples: - an essay-based program to find and reward kids who are doing their part to make the world a better place. It can be a child who hasn't let their disability derail their dreams, a student with new ideas to help the homeless, or maybe just an 'average' girl with an 'A-plus' attitude, someone who changes the world one smile at a time with a helping hand reaching out to those in need. Kids who CARE. As this is largely based on selflessness, friends will nominate their friends and involve online voting. Additional prizing for the winning school for fostering a sprit of selflessness in their students.

Rockin' Science:A number of organizations are focused on increasing the interest of students in various scientific pursuits. The Rockin' Science program partners these non-profit groups with respected scientific heavyweights (such as Discovery Channel, Science Channel or National Geographic) to engage kids with interesting and fun science facts, drive them to the web for more in-depth information, and reward them with in-school assemblies where they are exposed to fun and engaging scientists (think Bill Nye The Science Guy) along with emerging musical talent.

Online Safety Tour: Featuring a high school music concert series that showcases the importance of online safety. Top high-school focused musical acts, such as New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, Presidents of the United States of America, etc, will visit schools in a 10 city concert series. Social Network partner will develop an online safety curriculum that will be featured throughout the concert series.

Back to School with the Rock Stars: Music stars go back to their own high schools to perform concerts and do meet and greet sessions.

Battle of the Bands, where bands compete for best in school, district, state, region and nationally.

Best in Class: offers music related prizes (free CD's concert tickets, merch) for academic achievement, the arts, sports etc.

Friday Nights Live: Win a half-time appearance from Rock acts at High school football stadiums

Fantasy Day with a top athlete. Winner gets a personal lesson, playing tennis, soccer, etc.

Co-branded Sports Clinic with milk refueling station featuring A-list athlete.

Girls in Sports Day: featuring 'Get up and Go' wake up calls. Also voice-tone giveaways for kids to set their phones reminding them to exercise.

Celebrity Hosted Gym Class: School meet and greets with high-level pro athletes. Winning student has a VIP experience.

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