About MilkMedia

MilkMedia was founded over ten years ago to help schools and dairies promote milk consumption, health, exercise and nutrition as well as other good works programs to school age children. We began with milk carton side panels. At the time, many dairies were using self-created cartoon characters to get the pro-milk message across in a way that would be educational and entertaining. Many schools felt these messages failed to have a significant impact because kids felt they were being lectured to rather than engaged in an exciting way.

We introduced popular entertainment characters that kids really cared about as a more effective tactic to make milk ‘Cool of Kids’. Disney’s Doug, Reader Rabbit and Pajama Sam were on some of our earliest side panels and the tradition has continued with cartons featuring The Batman, Codename: Kids Next Door, Stitch,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dozens more.

The results of this program are clear. Milk consumption in schools with our cartons and lunchroom posters has increased as much as 34%. While these gains are impressive, the preponderance of sugar and caffeinated beverages continues to proliferate in the lunchroom, spurred by multi-million dollar television, print and outdoor advertising campaigns. And the shift toward “empty calorie” beverages is even more severe at the higher grade levels.

What can we do to reverse this trend and make milk ‘cool’ in a sugar-caffeine-fueled world?

Milk Rocks! Milk Rocks is a multi-tiered program with a simple overriding goal -- to stop the decline in children's nutritional
status by promoting increased milk consumption and positive life-
long eating habits.

Targeted to teens and tweens but reaching all grade levels K-12, Milk Rocks features some of today’s most popular recording artists and emerging talent along with film and television stars, athletes (with an accent on x-treme sports idols!) and other influential role models to help us make the milk=cool association.

The scope of this program is unprecedented. In addition to our traditional in-school program, we’ve gone DIGITAL at www.milkrocks.com and LIVE at concert tours nationwide. As a result, we’ll be able to reach more students on a daily basis than any other pro-nutrition program!